Definition of Management Education

Welcome to come back with the Library Master, after yesterday I post and share about Understanding Organizations Understanding Education and Education Administration. So this time I will share Article on Understanding Management Education.

The terms of management and administration have almost the same sense. Etymologically, the word comes from the management to manage the means to manage, administer, or organize. Synonyms to manage is to direct, means to lead, the one called the director or the person who directs. In the business world, tend to be interpreted manage for profit, whereas in non-business fields tend to be interpreted care of.
So, by definition, management is the process of leading, guiding, setting up facilities to subordinates or followers in order to work together to achieve the goals common interest. Functionally, the offender management can also be interpreted as to establish a policy on what to make, how to finance, providing services, selecting and placing employees, and other functions that affect the activities of a business. Much more responsible management in making an arrangement to implement policies that have been made.
Observing the definitions above, a glance at the management and administration. However, Arifin Abdurahman (Ngalim Purwanto, 1995) emphasized that in contrast to administrative management. Management is an aspect of the administration. Within a framework of administrative activities, activities of management will determine the achievement of objectives. Clearly, management is essentially administrative.
The most distinguishing characteristic between management and the administration is more specialized management function, which is managing the people as the executor of the administrative process. Divigh Waldo (Ngalim Purwanto, 1995) says that management is a course of action with the intention of achieving a rational, cooperative relations within a framework of administrative system.

Thus the example simple article about Understanding the the Management of Education to share less and more shall I apologize profusely.
May be useful for all of us. amen 

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