Understanding Education Administration

Etymologically, the word comes from the Greek administration, administrare. Ad means to / on, the same denagan to English. Ministrare means to serve, to help, or direct, the same as to serve / to coduct. In English, to administer means to regulate, to look, after, and directing.
Oten Sutisna (1986) named, that the administration can be regarded as fine art. Administration as a science is a set of knowledge composed, collected and received with respect to the understanding of the general truths about the administration.
While the administration as art is a practical matter that should be recognized as a process that requires intuition, creativity, judgment, and skill. In other words, the administration as the art is a process that opens room for deviation from what is implied by the regulations, instructions, and guidelines. If definitively, adalminitrasi is an activity or effort to help, serve, direct, or regulate all activities in achieving a goal.
Education administration is a whole process of briefing the delegation of everything, whether personal, spiritual, and material that is relevant to the achievement of educational goals.
Meanwhile, in the book "The curriculum, efforts Improvements in Education and Administration, Education, Ministry of Education and Culture gives the sense that the administration of education is a whole process, the joint activities in the field of education include: planning, organizing, directing, reporting, coordination, supervision and financing by using or utilizing the available facilities, personnel, material, and spiritual to achieve educational goals effectively and efficiently.
In the Dictionary of Education Good Center V, Issue 1959, the administration is all the techniques and procedures used in the administration of education in accordance with predefined policies.
While Robert E Wilson, in his book Educational Administration, 1996 to give understanding, "Educational administration is the coordination of forces Necessary for the good introduction of all children within a school organozation into an orderly plan for accomplishing the unit's objectives, and their proper accomplishment".
Exposure above shows that the administration of education is not just a "clerical work", the administration of education is a comprehensive activity, education administration is the overall activities carried out in all parties relevant to the achievement of educational goals.

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