20 (twenty) Countries With The Best Education System in the World

Good afternoon all friends http://www.librarypendidikan.com/, hopefully healthy is always no less an anything. This time it will inform about the "20 Countries With The Best Education System in the World".
Education is one of the things that is very important for a person's life, not only that education also plays a major role for the progress and development of a nation. A developed nation and a great course supported with adequate quality of education for its citizens. 
In Indonesia alone, the government through a variety of programs trying to encourage the advancement of education, with a passion to produce a skilled individual morality and noble character. Thus even listed in the Preamble Commission Act 1945, it is clear of course that education is the one thing that is the responsibility of the State and society at large. 
In the context of their own realizations, the Government, through two Ministry (Ministry of Education and Culture to work on Primary and Secondary Education, and the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education to handle Higher Education, Research Development and Technology throughout the Indonesian), continuously developing diverse programs, and issued a budget to continue to develop education as well as produce a superior education in all fields.
Ironically, Education in Indonesia is still not able to accommodate a lot of things that are Idealists and Fundamental. This is proved by the discovery of a variety of findings that often make the face of education Indonesia increasingly moody, ranging from low and the lack of educational facilities along with supporters of Human Resources which are found in the border areas as well as remote. The problem of moral degradation both educators and students, to the latest one is the issue of fear Educators to discipline students because of reluctant to deal with the parents who bring them to the criminal realm. 
Various sources say, that education is still far from the results and purpose of education itself does not only happen in Indonesia, some countries also experienced the same thing. 
Recently a research institute called The Social Progress Imperative released the results of research on the level of basic education around the world is presented through the Index of Social Progress. This article will present about 20 countries in the World Education collection system which is based on the research of the Social Progress Imperative and other reliable sources. 
From the results of research conducted by The Social Progress Imperative found that Countries in Asia continue to grow in terms of quality of education. It is scalable from several factors such as levels of adult literacy, willingness to primary school enrollment, enrollment willingness to secondary school, and gender equality in education. Here are 20 Countries With The Best Education System in the World :
Education in South Korea via userscontent2.emaze.com 
1. South Korea 

From the results of existing research, South Korea perched at number 1. Korea beat Japan that although investment in early childhood education is quite high but still not able to compensate for the South Korean education model which even impose long learning for seven working days. In addition, the national education budget in 2014 is estimated to reach up to 11 billion US Dollars or the equivalent of 150 trillion rupiah. The literacy rate is 97.9% 

4. Hongkong
Management education in the State Hong Kong adopted the educational model UK makes Hong Kong as one of the best, the amount of the education budget education is quite high per capita, coupled with the curriculum starting primary education, secondary and higher are strongly based on the facts and the world of work would further support the development of education. Another reason is certainly related to the high number of literate people, which reached 94.6%.

5. Finland
Some people consider the education system in Finland is the best in the world seems to think again with the results of this new research, because Finland is now in the order of No. 6 of the World. This occurs because of the influence of changes in government policies such as the abolition of some of the free lecture program played a role in the downward spiral.

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