This is 10 (ten) Places in Garut, West Java Most Popular Kids For School Holidays

Good day friends wherever located. On this auspicious occasion I will share about tenpat attractions are located in the area of Garut. Tourist attractions in Garut, West Java is good for school children in filling his vacation. Among them there are ten famous tourist spot is:
 1. Santolo Beach

The beach is located in District Santolo Cikelet, Santolo beach is one of the sights in Garut most popular. Santolo beach which is located 88 KM south of Garut city where tourism is a mainstay of Garut much frequented by residents of Bandung. The appeal and advantages of this beach is a wonderful panorama, the silence was offered, and travel support facilities are quite complete. Even the few children from various schools visited Santolo Beach.
 2. Lake / Situ Bagendit
This tourist spot is very unique because the story is very captivate the children of students, especially in the local school subjects mulatan Sundanese. Bagendit is a lake located in Banyuresmi. Bagendit is the most famous tourist lake in Garut because the quality of the environment is in good condition and cleanliness are maintained. Tourism activities that you can enjoy here are enjoying the beautiful scenery with the cool air, play boats and water bikes, climbing Bagendit typical raft, fishing, to play in the garden and swim in the pool. Tourist attractions in Garut is perfect for families who want to picnic by the lake.
3. Rancabuaya beach
 Rancabuaya beach is one of the tourist attractions in South Garut most famous. The hallmark of Rancabuaya beach is fairly large because the waves are directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, and the coral reef that much and too big. Both of these cause some fish caught in between the rocks, is quite unique and interesting to look at. The uniqueness of the Turkish Rancabuaya is the existence of a waterfall directly overlooking the sea, similar to a beach in Pacitan. Almost every month, I visited Ranca Buaya beach with the family, especially when the school holidays both semesters I and II, as well as the usual public holidays, even Sundays are also many who visit the beach Ranca Buaya. Interested play to Turkish Ranca Buaya? Please come alone.

4. Curug Orok

Curug Orok is a tourist spot in Garut in the form of a waterfall. Cikandang located in the village, Curug Orok Waterfall is a tourist place in Garut most famous. The name comes from a story Curug Orok Garut community who say that long ago there was a mother who put her child on the top of the waterfall. Curug Orok has a height of about 45 meters and visited by many tourists from the city of Garut, Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta. Curug Orok The admission price is 10,000 rupiah per person. On Sundays and Sabu many school children who visit Curug Orok.
5. Papandayan Mountain
Papandayan Mountain is fairly well known to the residents of West Java, especially Bandung and Garut. Located in District Cisurupan, the volcano is only 70 KM from the city of Bandung Bandung so many people who go on a trip to the volcano. The main attraction is the crater of the volcano and hot springs are believed to cure various diseases. In addition, many nature lovers who come to climb the volcano to see the panoramic beauty of the sunrise from the mountain. If you want to climb the volcano, do not forget to bring a sweater because the air is quite cold mountain peaks. Many children of high school students who ride to the volcano.
 6. Beautiful beach Cijeruk
Cijeruk Beautiful beach located in the village of Sagara including beautiful beaches and interesting place to visit. The advantages of Cijeruk Indah Beach is the beach is not crowded, clean, natural, and has a very clear water. On the way to the beach Cijeruk Indah, you'll be treated to beautiful scenery in the form of rubber plantations neat, complete with farm animals such as cattle grazing in the rubber plantation. Cijeruk beautiful beach is located also near Leuweng Sancang as his lungs world. School children near the patai also love brought to learning one of the lessons, the school is close to the beach Cijeruk SDN. Sancang 2, SDN. Karyamukti 1 and 2 also like trips to the beach Cijeruk.

7. Hot Water Cipanas

Cipanas is the name of the area in Garut is famous for its natural thermal baths. Hot Water Cipanas located about 6 KM from the city of Garut and 50 KM from the city of Bandung. In the course of achieving Hot Water Cipanas, you will pass through the mountains with the green rice fields and beautiful. Hot Water Cipanas visited by many tourists either staying or who just wants to rest for a while each day for Hot Water Cipanas contains various types of minerals that are beneficial to health, in addition to the facilities in this area is also very complete for tourism students from various schools there are in the neighborhood, even from other areas there are berkaryawisata into Hot Water Cipanas facilities that provide water boom.

8. Karang Paranje Beach

The beach is very good for children outdoors pembelajarn school, for example, to study Natural Sciences pegetahuan Surroundings material. Paranje Karang Beach is the beach located in the village Karyasari Cibalong District of Garut. Paranje Coral Coast has a unique form their cluster of coral along its shores. On the beach of approximately 9 hectares, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view. Because untouched various types of development, Paranje Coral Beach has a low noise level, a broad view, there is no pollution, a beautiful environment, and the atmosphere of peace and quiet. 

9. Puncak Guha Beach

Located in South Garut, Puncak Guha Beach is a tourist spot in Garut free of traders disturbing scene. Puncak Guha coast offers beautiful panoramic coastal views from the cliff. Under the cliff that you can see hundreds of bats. If you want to visit the beach Puncak Guha, bring something to eat and drink enough since there is rarely a trader in Puncak Guha Beach. School children are very happy to vacation in Puncak Guha at once to the beach Ranca Buaya.


10. Cangkuang temple

Cangkuang temple is located in District Leles is a tourist spot in Garut frequented by tourists from Garut, Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, to Cirebon. Cangkuang Temple is a Hindu temple relics of the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh. To be able to reach the temple Cangkuang, you have to climb a raft to cross the lake at a cost of 2,000 rupees.
Even school children are very enthusiastic about the visit to the temple Cangkuang as there is in one of the lessons in school.



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