The Origin and History Of The Founding Of Borobudur Temple

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The Origin and History Of The Founding Of Borobudur Temple
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Borobudur temple is Indonesia's cultural heritage that has been famous to the whole world This building is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is designated as one of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO.the magnificent shape and unique architectural details make everyone want to visit the curious borobudur with his story, borobudur stealing the world's attention since HC cornelius find its location on the orders of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1814. work excavating the location of allegedly large monuments then continued by hotman one of the Dutch government officials at that time archaeologists race to find out the origin of the largest Buddhist temple in the world this.

The Origin of Borobudur Temple
Borobudur temple is believed to be a relic of the Sailendra Dynasty kingdom during the reign of Samaratungga king of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom and was completed in the 8th century. a lot of mystery borobudur temple that has not been revealed, what exactly is the name of Borobudur temple there is no inscription or book explaining about development of borobudur, some say the name is derived from the name samara budhara has the meaning of mountains whose slopes are located terrace terrace there is also a saying borobudur comes from the speech of the budha who experienced a shift of one his writing that mentions first borobudur is Thomas Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in his book entitled the history of Java island. Historians estimate Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles mentions borobudur from the word bore and budur, bore means is the village of a village located near the location where Borobudur temple was found while the budur means ancient

the history of the founding of Borobudur temple is estimated to be built in 750 BC by the syailendra kingdom which at that time embraced Buddhism, the development is very mysterious because humans in the 7th century have not known the high architectural calculations but borobudur built sophisticated architectural calculations, until now none which can explain how the development and history of this Borobudur temple

Already many scientists from all over the world are coming but none of them succeeded in revealing the mystery of the development of Borobudur. One of the first questions that made the curious researchers was where the big stones from Borobudur temple came from and how to arrange them with precision and very neat architecture. There is a estimate that the stone comes from Mount Merapi but how to take it from Mount Merapi to the location of the temple because of its location on the hill.

Borobudur temple has 72 magical bell-shaped stupas, the largest Stupa is located at the top of the temple while others surround the stufa down. When scientists draw a borobudur temple scheme, they find strange patterns that lead to the function of borobudur as the sun, the needle is a large shadow of a stupa and falls right in the stupa downstairs but not yet known exactly how the time division is done by using Borobudur temple there is said the clock on the temple of Borobudur shows signs when the time of cultivation or harvest.

The Mystery Of Borobudur Temple and Figure 1
Part in the architecture of Borobudur temple when observed mathematically there is an interesting mystery that leads from the number one, several numbers that are in the temple when the sum of numbers will always produce the number one how the story, before telling the mystery number one need to know about the level of ranas spiritual budha in the temple of Borobudur. The first level is Kamadhatu is a world that is still in control by kama or low lust this section is mostly covered by a pile of rocks that are made to strengthen the construction of the second tier temple is rupadhatu that the world is able to free itself from lust but still tied to the shape and shape of the area are the 4 shoulders of the terrace that make up the kriling that is on the wall decorated in a rectangular square-shaped galile gallery on the 4 aisles there are 1,400 relif images of the relif length of the whole 2 and a half kilometers with 1,212 decorative panels of the third level is Arupadatu is the highest level that symbolizes the absence of form which is perfect in this area of ​​a circular floor plan that symbolizes that man has been free from all desires of the bonds of form and appearance but has not reached Nirvana. First Borobudur temple has 10 levels if the amount of 1 in added 0 result 1 number one other appear in the area Arupadatu this area is the area of ​​the top 4 levels of the temple, on the first level there is one second level temple there are 16 third level temples there are 24 temples level to 4 there are 32 temples the number of temples in the area arupadhatu is 73 pieces if the number 7 and 3 the result is 10 and if the amount again 1 with 0 the result 1. the last one figure appears on the total number of statues in Borobudur temple there are 505 pieces of sculpture there when the number is summed the result is also the number one.

Borobudur Temple Was Built On An ancient Lake

The Origin and History Of The Founding Of Borobudur Temple
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The mystery about the existence of primordial lake emerged when a Dutch artist proposed a theory that formerly the plains of the building where Borobudur stands is a lake, when viewed from above borobudur symbolizes a lotus, the lotus usually grows on the water posture of budha which is at the top of borobudur symbolizes silk The lotus encountered in Buddhist manuscripts of this theory leads to considerable controversy. Archaeologists found archaeological evidence to prove that the area around Borobudur during the construction of the temple was a dry plain rather than an ancient lake base while geologists instead supported this Dutch artist. They found sediment of silt mud near this research temple in the year 2000 and supports the existence of ancient lakes around Borobudur the evidence shows that the base of the hill near Borobudur once again submerged and became the edge of the lake around the 13th century and the 14th. that's the explanation of Borobudur temple that proves that our ancestors were able to make magnificent works throughout the time may this work awake from generation to generation.

Relief of Borobudur Temple and Mahabarata Story
Inside Borobudur temple there is a relief that tells about a masterpiece of literature that is quite famous is MAHABARATA.maha barata is actually not a true story and also not a book of religion because the author is not the Prophet but this barata almight literary works in the book adi parwa it maha barata first book nah there is a story about pandavas and kurawa are both ancestors of the same kuru but have different properties kurawa kususnya durya the fund has a cunning trait he penngen control of this royal heritage by his group kurawa or who is represented 100 people with duryadana this. Then the fund invited his mother's penalty with a pendawa five children pendawa five invited to go to a place to spend the night and play there nahh when they stay overnight then the house tuh diunt lucky kunti and pandawa not burned alive but can escape and save in the nearby forest. In the journey in the middle of the forest pandawa to the kingdom whose name pancala rajannya drupada, in the kingdom there is a contest for a lot of things but among them is fighting for drupadi it is this drupadi princess pancala princess this pandawa is wearing undercover clothing brahmana follow the contest and of course the arjuna representing him has greatness in terms of archery winning this contest. Arriving at the pandavas at home he told his mother the victory of victory, "we won our contest gift and then his mother with a mother's dignified voice like this whatever you get you should be fair it must be gift for five but mother, but not the reason you must hear the old man in the flat, but bu, not buts and then agreed on for five nah kunti his mother just found out that the prize including drupadi a woman because did not want to lick her tongue and her words then what can make drupadi have to marry 5 men- men.

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Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesian Country

Tourist Map Of Borobudur Temple Area
The Origin and History Of The Founding Of Borobudur Temple
Tourist Map Of Borobudur Temple Area
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